About Us

The specialty of Pelvic Rehabilitation has continued to grow in the fields of medicine and physical therapy to include a more comprehensive service for both men and women. Both of our pelvic floor physical therapists have received specialized training in treating many conditions including pelvic floor pain, pre & post-natal care, scar tissue management, and bowel & bladder dysfunction to name a few. Each of these conditions requires individually tailored treatment depending on each patient’s specific presentation and symptoms that they are experiencing. Our therapists are dedicated and passionate about providing the highest quality of research based and compassionate care to each patient to help restore them to their optimal function and quality of life.

A common misconception about pelvic physical therapy is that all it consists of is Kegel exercises. While pelvic floor muscle exercises are very important they are only one very small piece of the care provided by pelvic floor physical therapists. Other treatments utilize neuroscience, knowledge and adjustment of posture and body alignment, behavior retraining, down-training techniques, relaxation techniques, manual therapy including myofascial release, scar tissue/adhesion mobilization and release, bowel and bladder retraining and much, much more. Which treatment is used depends on the specific needs of each patient. These treatments are used as part of a team approach along with OBGYN, urology, urogynecology, gastroenterology, family practice and nurse midwives among many other types of providers, to provide patients with appropriate comprehensive care.

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